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The First Cyber Security Blockchain Based Crypto Coin

CybCSec is a disruptive, encrypted Cyber Security Cryptocurrency designed for all types of users worldwide

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CybCSec Overview

Blockchain Cyber Security For Everyone


CybCSec is a high speed, reliable, battle-tested cryptocurrency built on the solid foundation of Bitcoin. A true community based anonymous Tor friendly cryptocurrency, CybCSec will exhibit innovative cyber security solutions available to all its wallet users. CybCSec is a truly unique disruptive anonymous asset.


CybCSec uses the most advanced and up-to-date blockchain technology with integrated cryptographic systems that protect core daemon processes and RPC stacks. Designed with high security in mind and by an expert in Cyber Security, CybCSec is hardened to protect itself from network attacks.


Established from the original Bitcoin source, CybCSec is about 20X times faster than Bitcoin handling much more transactions per min. Being a Proof of Stake asset, CybCSec aims to improve the build standards of the current blockchain and enhance the stability of the network through innovative Blockchain features.

CybCSec Concept

CybCSec is a brand new unique, secure and exciting cryptocurrency. Initially based upon the Bitcoin concept, CybCSec is the first cryptocurrency coin that offers unique and innovative security Solutions for businesses and end users.

Created and developed by CybCSec Solutions together with their world leading and experienced development team, CybCSec has committed to roll out several NEW Cyber Security features over the coming months for all its Wallet holders. CybCSec has positioned itself as a leading innovative cryptocurrency.

CybCSec will release its features in three phases and the initial phase includes applications such as; Smart Contracts and Secure Messaging.  Later phases will include features such as; Antivirus, Cyber Security, intrusions sensors and additional security based innovations. With a multi-industry ecosystem having already being initiated, CybCSec have already been approached by well established companies from a diverse range of industries such as the Gaming, Retail and Financial niches.

CybCSec is very much a grounded concept based upon a solid unified vision of bringing communities together into a single platform to affect a truly efficient and growing global ecosystem. CybCSec is a future based coin with a foundation established to work within emerging governing laws and regulations. This perspective has already attracted many businesses and companies all over the globe to integrate the CybCSec coin into their daily operations.

CybCSec has no competition in the marketplace whatsoever; it truly is a unique coin and one that has obvious global user-ship applicability. With a transaction speed ten (X20) faster than Bitcoin and 100X higher transaction handling ability. CybCSec also have a very lucrative 8% annual minting facility, coin holders can maximize their coin holdings in a secure, profitable and efficient way.


CybCSec Innovations

  • Secure Messaging

    Protecting user private data or trace elements in a safe and secure way is a priority of CybCSec. The messaging system allows total control of user data to provide a safe and secure way to manage information using the CybCSec wallet. Utilizing the AES-256-CBC algorithm, CybCSec users can enjoy safe and secure text transmissions.
  • Smart contracts

    Smart Contracts otherwise known as digital contracts can establish computer automated agreements which can be pre-programmed between two or more anonymous parties, enabling them to trade and do business with each other without the need for any third parties. Using CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY and multi-signature technology, CybCSec have introduced a robust and secure Smart Contract element that will change the way users conduct their business operations. Smart Contracts are used by more advanced cryptocurrency users.
  • Antivirus Suite

    Antivirus or AV software will prevent, detect and remove malicious software from computer devices. Accessing a worldwide network of sensors, the CybCSec Antivirus will combat, predict and remove threats from user pc devices. This feature will be released in Phase 2.
  • Secure File Transfers

    Enables users to access, manage and send files containing private data across a reliable data stream ensuring that user privacy is upheld at all times. This feature is critical to ensure private communications between users. This feature will be released in Phase 2.
  • Intrusion Sensors

    CybCSec Intrusion sensors will detect and prevent malicious activity/intrusions or policy violations across ERS networks and systems. Employing a swift response activity to these threats and potential threats, this feature will be a trademark of the CybCSec coin. This feature will be released in Phase 3.
  • Cyber Security

    The protection of user computer systems from theft or damage to hardware, software or the information on them from either network access, data and code injection or simply by malpractice by the user. This feature will be released in Phase 3.

CybCSec Coin Features

CybCSec employs several technologies to ensure the coin, wallet features and operations are completely secure and anonymous.


Tor Network Integration

Tor is a distributed overlay network designed to anonymize low-latency TCP-based applications such as web browsing, secure shell, and instant messaging. Tor protects your privacy and increases your security by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays.

Ring Signatures

In cryptography, a ring signature is a type of digital signature that can be performed by any member of a group of users that each have keys. Therefore, messages are signed with a ring signature is endorsed by someone in a particular group of people which are impossible to determine.

Multi-Signature Transactions

CybCSec supports much more complicated transactions that require the signatures of multiple people before any funds can be transferred. Most networks require only a single signature but CybCSec has implemented a much more secure way of transacting funds from one wallet to another.

Zero Knowledge Proof

In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge protocol is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true.

Dual-key Stealth Addresses

These address are different from the standard addresses commonly used in cryptocurrencies and allow for better privacy. A dual-key stealth address can be shared publicly by the recipient yet any transaction made out to this address can not be linked back to it.


CybCSec uses the most updated version of the Proof of Stake model, Version 3. PoS was used as it increases the security of the entire network as opposed to the PoW system. PoSV3 makes it far more expensive and difficult to compromise.


CybCSec Coin Benefits

CybCSec offers a range of benefits to its users:

High speed crypto coin (20X faster than Bitcoin)

Annual 8% minting feature

Secure Stealth Messaging

Smart Contract Availability

Access A Growing Ecosystem

Future Access To Cyber Security And Antivirus Services

CybCSec Coin Solid Growth Projection

CybCSec Fund Distribution

CybCSec is rolling out its wallet products and services in three phases.
The funds raised from the ICO will be split into these phases and into each corresponding service category.

CybCSec Presentation

Purchase CybCSec Now Before It Increases In Value!

There are 6,000,000 XCS coins on sale for the ICO.
Purchase on August 3rd before each quota gets filled and XCS increases in value again.

XCS Quota Level XCS Quota Amount XCS Satoshi Price XCS Quota Completed
1 1.000.000 6.000 Sold Out
2 1.000.000 7.000 Active
3 1.000.000 8.000 Pending
4 1.000.000 8.500 Pending
5 1.000.000 9.000 Pending
6 1.000.000 9.500 Pending

CybCSec Future Value

We estimate the following future pricing value for CybCSec based upon our current and future partnerships, technology releases and ecosystem growth.

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